Journal Publications and Book Chapters

  • Dustin Hillard, Eren Manavoglu, Hema Raghavan, Chris Leggetter, Erick Cantú-Paz, and Rukmini Iyer. The Sum of Its Parts: Reducing Sparsity in Click Estimation with Query Segments, Journal of Information Retrieval, V14(3) pp. 315-336, June 2011. pdf web (The final publication is available at
  • Dustin Hillard, Stephen Purpura, and John Wilkerson. Computer Assisted Topic Classification for Mixed Methods Social Science Research, Journal of Information Technology and Politics, V4(4)4, pp. 31-46, May, 2008. pdf web
  • Mari Ostendorf, Benoit Favre, Ralph Grishman, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Mary Harper, Dustin Hillard, Julia B. Hirschberg, Heng Ji, Jeremy G Kahn, Yang Liu, Evgeny Matusov, Hermann Ney, Elizabeth Shriberg, Wen Wang, Chuck Wooters. Speech Segmentation and Its Impact on Spoken Document Processing. Book chapter for Global Automatic Language Exploitation. web
  • Yang Liu, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke, Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, and Mary Harper. Enriching Speech Recognition with Sentence Boundaries and Disfluencies, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing, V14(5), pp. 1526-1540, September, 2006. pdf web


  • Dustin Hillard. Automatic Sentence Structure Annotation for Spoken Language Processing, PhD Thesis, University of Washington, 2008. pdf

Conference Publications

  • Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Gokhan Tur, Asli Celikyilmaz, Ashley Fidler, Dustin Hillard, Rukmini Iyer, S. Parthasarathy. Employing Web Search Query Click Logs for Multi-Domain Spoken Language Understanding. ASRU, 2011. pdf web
  • Asli Celikyilmaz, Dilek Hakkani-Tür, Gokhan Tur, Ashley Fidler, Dustin Hillard. Exploiting Distance Based Similarity in Topic Models for User Intent Detection. ASRU, 2011. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Asli Celikyilmaz, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Gokhan Tur. Learning Weighted Entity Lists from Web Click Logs for Spoken Language Understanding. Interspeech. 2011. pdf web
  • Gokhan Tur, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Dustin Hillard, Asli Celikyilmaz. Towards Unsupervised Spoken Language Understanding: Exploiting Query Click Logs for Slot Filling. Interspeech. 2011. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard and Chris Leggetter. Clicked Phrase Document Expansion for Sponsored Search Ad Retrieval. SIGIR. 2010. pdf web
  • Sameer Singh, Dustin Hillard and Chris Leggetter. Minimally-Supervised Extraction of Entities from Text Advertisements. NAACL-HLT. 2010. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Stefan Schroedl, Eren Manavoglu, Hema Raghavan and Chris Leggetter. Improving Ad Relevance in Sponsored Search. WSDM. 2010. pdf web
  • Tasos Anastasakos, Dustin Hillard, Sanjay Kshetramade and Hema Raghavan. Collaborative Filtering Approach to Ad Recommendation using the Query Ad Click Graph. CIKM. 2009. pdf web
  • Hema Raghavan and Dustin Hillard. A Relevance Model Based Filter for Improving Ad Quality. SIGIR. 2009. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Mei-Yuh Hwang, Mary Harper, Mari Ostendorf. Parsing-based Objective Functions for Speech Recognition in Translation Applications. ICASSP, 2008. pdf web
  • Benoit Favre, Ralph Grishman, Dustin Hillard, Heng Ji, Dilek Hakkani-Tur and Mari Ostendorf. Punctuating Speech for Information Extraction. ICASSP, 2008. pdf web
  • Stephen Purpura, John Wilkerson, Dustin Hillard. The U.S. Policy Agenda Legislation Corpus Volume 1 – a Language Resource from 1947 – 1998. LREC, 2008. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Björn Hoffmeister, Mari Ostendorf, Ralf Schülter, and Hermann Ney. iROVER: Improving System Combination with Classification. NAACL-HLT, 2007. pdf web
  • Evgeny Matusov, Dustin Hillard, Mathew Magimai-Doss, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Mari Ostendorf, and Hermann Ney. Improving Speech Translation with Automatic Boundary Prediction. Interspeech, 2007. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Stephen Purpura, and John Wilkerson. An Active Learning Framework for Classifying Political Text. Midwest Political Science Association 65th Annual National Conference, 2007. pdf web
  • Stephen Purpura, Kevin Esterling, Dustin Hillard, David Lazer, and Michael Neblo. Declaring Independence from the President in the 2008 Midterm Elections . Midwest Political Science Association 65th Annual National Conference, 2007. pdf web
  • Björn Hoffmeister, Dustin Hillard, Stefan Hahn, Ralf Schülter, Mari Ostendorf and Hermann Ney. Cross-site and Intra-Site ASR System Combination: Comparisons on Lattice and 1-Best Methods. ICASSP, 2007. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Zhongqiang Huang, Heng Ji, Ralph Grishman, Dilek Hakkani-Tur, Mary Harper, Mari Ostendorf, Wen Wang. Impact of Automatic Comma Prediction on POS/Name Tagging of Speech. SLT, 2006. pdf web
  • William McNeill, Jeremy Kahn, Dustin Hillard, and Mari Ostendorf. Parse Structure and Segmentation for Improving Speech Recognition. SLT, 2006. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard and Mari Ostendorf. Compensating for Word Posterior Estimation Bias in Confusion Networks. ICASSP, 2006. pdf web
  • Stephen Purpura and Dustin Hillard. Automated Classification of Congressional Legislation. Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Digital Government Research, 2006. pdf web
  • Yang Liu, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke, Barbara Peskin, Jeremy Ang, Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, Marcus Tomalin, Phil Woodland, and Mary Harper. Structural Metatada Research in the EARS Program, Invited paper. ICASSP, 2005. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, Andreas Stolcke, Yang Liu and Elizabeth Shriberg. Improving Automatic Sentence Boundary Detection with Confusion Networks. HLT-NAACL, 2004. pdf web
  • Yang Liu, Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Stolcke, Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, Barbara Peskin, and Mary Harper. The ICSI-SRI-UW Metadata Extraction System. ICSLP, 2004. pdf web
  • Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, and Elizabeth Shriberg. Detection of Agreement vs. Disagreement in Meetings: Training with Unlabeled Data. HLT-NAACL, 2003. pdf web

Workshop Presentations and Technical Reports

  • Eric Sodomka, Sebastien Lahaie, and Dustin Hillard. A Hierarchical Model for Value Estimation in Sponsored Search. Ad Auctions Workshop, Electronic Commerce, 2011. pdf web
  • Tasos Anastasakos, Dustin Hillard, Sanjay Kshetramade, Hema Raghavan. A Collaborative Filtering Approach to Sponsored Search. Technical Report YL-2009-006, Yahoo! Labs, 2009. pdf web
  • Mari Ostendorf, Jeremy G. Kahn, and Dustin Hillard. “Spontaneous Speech: Challenges and Opportunities for Parsing.” Invited talk. International Workshop on Parsing Technologies, 2005
  • Dustin Hillard, Mari Ostendorf, and Andreas Stolcke. Accounting for STT Uncertainty in MDE. EARS RT04 Workshop, 2004. pdf
  • Mari Ostendorf and Dustin Hillard. Scoring Structural MDE: Towards More Meaningful Error Rates. EARS RT04 Workshop, 2004. pdf
  • M. Ostendorf, J. Kahn, D. Wong, D. Hillard and W. McNeill. Leveraging Structural MDE in Language Processing. EARS RT04 Workshop, 2004. pdf

Invited Talks:

  • Dustin Hillard and Stephen Purpura. “Spying on Politicians in Plain Sight: Applying Machine Learning to Automatically Analyze Political Texts,” Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. April 2007.
  • Dustin Hillard. “Predicting Sub-Sentence Structure for Spoken Language Processing,” Lincoln Labs, MIT, Lexington, MA. November 2006.
  • Dustin Hillard. “Punctuation Detection for Mandarin Speech,” Karlsruhe University, Karlsruhe, Germany. June 2006.
  • Dustin Hillard. “Sentence Prediction and Cues for Machine Translation,” RWTH, Aachen, Germany. April 2006.

Class Projects

  • EE596 (Statistical Pattern Recognition): Topic Classification for Conversational Speech: Support Vector Machines and Latent Semantic Analysis pdf
  • EE516 (Computer Speech Processing): Sentence Boundary Detection for Broadcast News. pdf